Toxins: Internal & External

It is not an exaggeration to say that we live in a “toxic world”. Toxins are all around us from the foods we eat, to the water we drink, and to the household and personal products we use on a daily basis. Even your favorite chair or sofa might be toxic.   This eBook brings… Read More

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Heart and Kidney Disease: A Double Threat

Heart Disease is one of the major causes of death in our society, often linked to high blood pressure. High blood pressure can go undetected because in many cases it is asymptomatic, therefore High Blood Pressure is the fuse that eventually ignites a whole cascade of medical events. For example, the possibility of developing Kidney… Read More

GM Diet: The Complete 7 Day Diet Plan

The GM Diet is a diet plan that will help you lose an average of 10-17 pounds in just 7 days. This diet was exclusively designed for General Motors employees to help them be healthier and more productive. The GM Diet was studied and created with the full support of the US Department of Agriculture… Read More

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Toxic Air: Pollutants That Cause Illness

Today, there are nearly 600 coal-fired power plants operating in the United States, producing nearly half of the nation’s electricity. This may sound like a good thing, however, coal plants are one of the largest sources of man-made mercury pollution in the United States and this is just one toxic substance found in the air…. Read More

Hormones: Chemical Messengers

Hormones are the silent messengers that do their work unseen. They are vitally important in all phases of our life. In fact, there is no part of our existence that is not touched, in some way by hormones.   The remarkable part is they exercise their profound control and change with minute quantities that reach… Read More

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Drought: Making Drinking Water

You probably don’t think much about water, even though you use it every day. There’s a lot of water on our planet, but we can only use a small amount of it. Water covers about 70 percent of the earth, but only about 3 percent of it is fresh water. Most of the fresh water,… Read More

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Nutrition: Then and Now

How many times have you heard that certain types of food or drink are unhealthy for you, only to find out later through new research that it is in fact good for you. Even what we are told is healthy to eat at one time can later be determined unhealthy to eat.   For example,… Read More

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Turn Back the Clock: Anti-Aging Strategies

This eBook is for anyone interested in slowing down or reversing the hands of time by maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. A sedentary lifestyle significantly contributes to the development of diseases such as osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, as well as a decline in cognitive abilities. We discuss the detrimental habits… Read More

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Grain vs. Grass: Effects in Raising Beef and Poultry

When you go to the grocery store to purchase chicken, beef, or dairy products, you probably don’t give much thought to how the animal was raised, what they have been fed, whether they have been given antibiotics or hormones, including arsenic which is given to accelerate growth rate (in turkeys). All of which impact our… Read More

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Sweat: Good For Your Body

What is the importance of sweat? Sweating also known as perspiration is secreted by sweat glands. People have an average of two to four million sweat glands, but how much sweat is released by each gland is determined by many factors, including: gender, genetics, environmental conditions, age, and fitness.   This eBook covers the function… Read More