Natural Remedies For Skin Problems

Visiting a pharmacy or drug store to find a cure for common skin maladies can be expensive. This eBook on Natural Remedies for Skin Problems will save you time and money by using ingredients found in your pantry and/or local health food stores. These are natural remedies, which have been passed down from generation to… Read More

Parkinson’s Disease & Forced Exercise

Do you have Parkinson’s Disease or know someone that has Parkinson’s?   Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating nervous system disorder and incurable. If you want to help yourself or someone with their gait and balance, slowness of movement, tremors and rigidity, and so much more, then this book is for you.   You’ll read it… Read More

Obesity an Epidemic: Solutions for a Healthier and Thinner You

Obesity in today’s society has long range consequences on our life expectancy and health problems. Unhealthy food and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the major causes of heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few.   One of the problems with today’s lifestyle is our reliance on convenience foods. There are millions of… Read More

Heartburn: Tips to Stop Acid Reflux Using Simple Natural Remedies

Heartburn or acid reflux is an irritation of the esophagus caused by stomach acid.   Without fluff and to the point, this short eBook explains how simple natural remedies can help you with gerd, indigestion, reflux and any heartburn conditions you may be experiencing.   Stop your dependence on antacids and learn the reasons why… Read More

Inflammation: Simple Changes You Can Make Today For a Healthier Tomorrow

Inflammation is one of the major causes of diseases for arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Internal inflammation is not observable, unlike external inflammation, and may not even be painful. Your health and healthy eating habits will affect internal inflammation.   There are many hidden dangers in foods that will affect your health and wellness. In… Read More

Eye Care: Solutions to Common Eye Problems

We have five senses, touch sensations, smell, hearing, taste and vision. Of these five sense, seventy-five percent of what we learn is through sight. There are literally hundreds of things that can go wrong with our vision. Some eye conditions are painful, but not particularly dangerous. And others are painless, but cause legal blindness. In… Read More

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow: Causes, Prevention, and Hair Treatments Using Organic Kitchen Products

Are you a man or woman who wants thicker, fuller, and healthier looking hair? Are you concerned about thinning hair and hair loss? Our hair is one of our physical features that can contribute to our attractiveness.   If you are short on time and want to learn some tips on saving your hair using… Read More

Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2 The Why, What, and How to Control Blood Sugar For a Healthier You

Diabetes is a chronic disease. Diabetes Type 1 is genetically linked and Type 2 can at times be relieved by modifications to lifestyle. This short book contains vital information for you or a loved one to combat diabetes. It highlights symptoms of Type 1 & 2, risk factors, treatments, diet, and how exercise is a… Read More

Menopause: Signs and Relief, A New Beginning

Want to know more about menopause, but are short on time? This short ebook features and highlights the signs and symptoms every woman’s body goes through and what you can do to ameliorate those changes.   Each woman’s menopausal experience is slightly different, but there is common ground for discussion.   Understand pre-menopausal, menopausal, and… Read More

Hearing: How We Lose It & How We Get It Back

The sense of hearing is something we might take for granted until it is gone.   This short eBook was designed to acquaint and educate people on how to recognize and manage hearing loss.   It is also a valuable resource for parents to recognize hearing problems in their children and for older citizens who… Read More