Prostate 1

Prostate: Enlargement and Cancer

In all likelihood, you don’t want to spend much time thinking about your prostate, most men don’t. But if you are having problems urinating, your prostate might be what’s keeping you up at night. The condition will not get better on its own. Benign prostate enlargement or hypertrophy/hyperplasia (also known as BPH) is a common… Read More

Circadian Rhythms 1

Circadian Rhythms: Below Our Awareness

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism’s environment. They are found in most living things, including animals, plants and many tiny microbes.   Circadian rhythms are not the same thing as biological clocks, but they are closely related. In… Read More

Natural Remedies for Digestive Problems

When your digestive system is not functioning smoothly nothing seems right with the world. It has been estimated that digestive problems affect more than 100 million Americans. Some of these common digestive disorders include IBS, acid reflux, ulcers, abdominal pain often caused by bloating and gas, diarrhea and constipation.   If you or someone you… Read More

Pesticides 1

Pesticides: Chemicals That Kill

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims there is adequate protection from over exposure to toxic pesticides. That claim may be true for the average consumer who carefully washes fruits and vegetables, but it is definitely not true for farm and ranch workers, especially in developing countries.   This eBook examines the various types of pesticides… Read More

Antibiotics 1

Antibiotics: A Limited Resource

We are becoming increasingly more vulnerable to the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, from antibiotics used in the food industry to “beef” up our animals, to people taking antibiotics for minor health issues. Doctors succumb to the pressure placed by ill patients, who mistakenly assume coughs and colds may be cured by the application of these… Read More

cholesterol 1

Cholesterol: The Good and The Bad

Cholesterol is insidious because there are no overt signs and symptoms.   When was the last time you had your cholesterol levels checked? Knowing your (Good) HDL, and (Bad) LDL, Triglycerides, and Cholesterol levels is essential for a healthier life–Not knowing could be a ticking time bomb to cardiovascular disease!   Presented through the lens… Read More

Stress: Stress Relief Strategies

Stress is experienced by everyone, but not everyone handles stress the same. What may stress some individuals, will not cause a ripple in another person’s consciousness. There are two types of stress, physical and mental. Not all stress is bad, as it can be a motivator to get things done, but unrelenting stress is the… Read More

Chemistry of Attraction: How Biology Attracts & Sustains Love in Your Life

Is it love or chemistry that attracted you to your mate? Do you have control with who you fall in love with or is it a little more complicated with chemicals like pheromones, oxytocin, dopamine and the role they play in love.   Find out why you are attracted to certain types of people and… Read More

Molds 1

Molds: The Good and The Bad

Molds are ubiquitous, they occur in all environments if conditions are right. They are aerobic (oxygen user) and they require moisture and the right temperature. If these conditions are present, molds have powerful enzymes which can breakdown most organic materials and they will flourish.   Most people are not prepared to recognize dangerous molds like… Read More

Indigestion: Heartburn Relief

Do you suffer from indigestion or heartburn regularly? Do you know what causes acid reflux or heartburn? Do you know what foods to skip and what foods to make a part of your daily diet to avoid indigestion? Are you relying on antacids to relieve your stomach upset? In this eBook, learn why antacids are… Read More