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Sharks: Apex Predators

Fish experts recognize the Great White, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, White Tip Sharks and other large sharks for what they are, Apex Predators. The largest apex predator, the Great White can grow to over twenty feet in length and weigh 5,000 pounds. Seals and sea lions are the main targets for large opportunistic ambush predator… Read More

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Vaccinations: The Risk of Misinformation

This eBook delves into the questions of whether childhood vaccinations are necessary or not. What are the possible negative effects of misinformation? Are children better off with or without vaccinations? Are there scientific findings that prove vaccines are bad for health? Are childhood vaccinations to blame for the higher rates of autism? Are we immune… Read More

Migration: Early to Modern Human Migration

This eBook is a brief overview of the history of human migration to present migration. It’s divided into two sections, the first is a summary of migration from out of Africa, approximately 125,000 years ago, across Asia and Europe, onto Australia, and eventually to North America.   In the second half, we touch upon the… Read More

Junk Food USA – Paying for What You Eat

Do you find you or your family eating mostly at fast food restaurants? Have you ever wondered why a salad costs more than a hamburger? What is the price you actually pay in terms of your health?   This short eBook is about how the U.S. Government is aiding the obesity epidemic taking place in… Read More

Radiation 1

Radiation: The Invisible Menace

In our literature and in the movies an apocalyptic earth is often depicted with human survivors. However, this is fiction. The fact is, in a radioactive Earth there would be few Mammalian survivors, as we do not have the anatomy to persist in such an environment.   No one wants radiation, but the truth is… Read More

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The Flavor of New Orleans: Recipes of the French Quarter

In this eBook, Flavor of New Orleans, author C.D. Shelton departs from his usual eBooks on health and wellness topics to share with his readers his 10 favorite recipes in Creole and Cajun cuisine after a trip to the French Quarter in New Orleans. In addition, you will find a list of popular and favorite… Read More

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Sunlight: Our Life Source

Life on our planet is dependent on the sun. All components of our planet were derived from the sun when our solar system formed. Oil & Gas is derived from plants grown from sunlight! Wind, waves or geothermal energy sources can be traced back to our sun as sources of energy. The sun is our… Read More

Handbook of Common Psychoactive Plants: Mind Altering Plants

On earth there are hundreds of thousands of species of plants gaining energy from the light of the sun. A few thousand plants yield food and medicine, but only a hundred or so contain compounds that can alter the human mind. These mind altering plants are called psychoactive plants.   This eBook highlights the psychoactive… Read More

The Handbook of Common Herbs

This reference guide on herbs contains 30 commonly used herbs and their uses; including descriptions of the herbs, cultivation, a bit of history, culinary and medicinal uses.   In this herbalism handbook you will find information on herbs such as aloe vera, basil, chamomile, echinacea, eucalyptus, ginkgo, lemon balm, tea tree oil, and so many… Read More

Teenagers and Alcohol: A Tale of Teenage Drinking and Driving

This is a tale of teen drinking and driving which focuses on two best friends attending their first big high school party. This story highlights how one teens decision to drink nearly costs him his life. The story and characters depicted are fictional, emphasizing the seriousness of alcohol abuse and how one’s life can change… Read More