Your Teeth Your Heart
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Your Teeth, Your Heart: Is There a Health Link?

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It has been said by psychologists that the very first thing our eyes are drawn to when speaking to another person are teeth. We notice if they are straight and certainly we notice if they are clean! But did you know that unhealthy teeth and gums might also contribute to an unhealthy heart? Some studies have shown that the most common strains of bacteria found in dental plaque may cause blood clots. When blood clots escape into the bloodstream, there is a relation to increased risk of heart attacks or strokes, and other illnesses. Studies have also shown that people with gum disease are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease.


This eBook will examine how good dental hygiene can affect your overall health, the signs and symptoms of healthy and unhealthy gums, and steps you can take to protect your teeth, gums, and heart.

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