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Younger: The Youth Formula

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At times a narrow escape or a health issue from which we are cured, can dramatically change our entire outlook on life. Escape from an illness, an accident or a disaster tends to have a sobering effect on our view of life–we become aware of our own mortality. It is at this juncture, many individuals vow to take a different path. One dedicated to preserving life, not shortening it.


A lifestyle dedicated to good health can mean a commitment to education regarding health issues. Then, once armed with accurate health information, commit yourself to your new life of improving health. Your reward for this commitment is better health, more vigor, and greater interest in all things. This simply means awareness and following the essentials of good health, which ultimately slows the aging process, and consequently a longer, healthier life.


In this eBook, we highlight elements of aging, how habits can have an effect on our biological and chronological age, and some measures you can take to increase longevity.

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