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Toxic Air: Pollutants That Cause Illness

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Today, there are nearly 600 coal-fired power plants operating in the United States, producing nearly half of the nation’s electricity. This may sound like a good thing, however, coal plants are one of the largest sources of man-made mercury pollution in the United States and this is just one toxic substance found in the air.


Burning coal in these power plants also produces:
Tons of sulfur dioxide, the main cause of acid rain.
Tons of nitrogen oxide, the main cause of smog.
Millions of tons of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, causing global warming.


This eBook will take a closer look at renewable sources of energy, as alternatives to coal-fired power plants and includes a list of global and U.S. cities with the best and worst air quality, along with the 25 worst power plant polluters in the United States.

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