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Protein & Amino Acids: The Nutrient of Growth

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There are six nutritional requirements for humans. Three yield calories upon digestion. They are carbohydrates, fats, and protein. The other three that are required for life would be minerals, vitamins, and water. All of these nutrients can be removed for some time before malnutrition and other illnesses strike us down. Of the six, water is the most critical. We are able to survive for just a few days without water.


Another critical component to survival is getting adequate protein and amino acids in our system, as amino acids perform critical roles in processes such as muscle building, enzyme construction, neurotransmitter transport, and biosynthesis. We can synthesize in our cells, eleven amino acids, but nine of the twenty amino acids needed to make our human proteins and enzymes we cannot synthesize and need to be obtained from nutritional sources. The amino acid is a key element in the structure and function of all living things.


In this eBook we will look at sources of amino acids, the structure of amino acids, and how much protein is needed to avoid protein deficiency.

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