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Neuroplasticity: Building & Rebuilding the Brain

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The ability of the brain to change is called neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity. As the brain learns to adapt to new situations and take on new, foreign challenges, it will physically transform the way it is shaped. This is where the term “plasticity” comes from because our brain fires on different neural pathways each time we learn something new. As we consistently feed new information to our brain, it will eventually form a new neural pathway, so that we can easily recall this information for future reference.


Neuroplasticity: Building & Rebuilding the Brain is C.D. Shelton’s expanded version of his best selling eBook on Brain Plasticity. In this new edition, Neuroplasticity looks at how our brains are constantly changing for better or worse as we age and go through our daily experiences and highlights how we can all build and rebuild our brains through brainwave entrainment, meditation, diet & exercise, as well as avoiding products and foods detrimental to our brains.

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