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Healthy Choices: Decisions That Affect Our Health

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It has been observed, and rightly so, that where you are at this precise moment is based entirely on the choices you have made. Life is full of choices. Some of the things we choose to do have little impact on us. On the other hand, some choices, like who we marry or a career we pursue are life changing choices. Habits we acquire, both good and bad, impact our quality of life and those around us. If we are to achieve a truly rewarding and long life we need to review the habits we have acquired along life’s journey, retaining the “Good Ones” and eliminating the “Bad Ones”.


Those who live a long life have made certain choices, here are some of those choices:
* Eat grains, veggies and fish
* Avoid sodas
* Indulge, a little
* Get up and get going every day
* Take a walk
* Challenge the brain
* Get outside
* Stay married and connected
* Maintain spirituality
* Love your work
* Keep busy
* Floss
* Avoid negativity
* Give back


This eBook is about making healthy choices and how they impact our longevity.

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