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Handbook of Common Psychoactive Plants: Mind Altering Plants

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On earth there are hundreds of thousands of species of plants gaining energy from the light of the sun. A few thousand plants yield food and medicine, but only a hundred or so contain compounds that can alter the human mind. These mind altering plants are called psychoactive plants.


This eBook highlights the psychoactive plants of marijuana (which has been legalized in a few states), and peyote (legal to Native Americans who are members of the Native American Church), as well as the more commonly used psychoactive substances derived from plants; alcohol, coffee, and tobacco.


For most parts of the world, adult use of alcohol, coffee, and tobacco is legal, but the remaining psychoactive drugs that are discussed in this handbook are illegal for use including mushrooms and opium.


A physiological profile of the effects of the psychoactive plants will be included, along with an analysis of the active ingredients that cause mind alteration.

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