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Dehydration: A Basic Guide to Food Drying

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Food drying, also known as food dehydration has been around as long as man has been hunting and catching his prey. Food dehydration is the process of removing water from food to prevent food from spoiling by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, while still retaining most of its nutritional value.


With life’s uncertainties, natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina & Sandy and the latest killer typhoon to hit the Philippines, it is advised that everyone have a food bank as part of their emergency survival kit. Dehydrated foods, if preserved and stored correctly can last for several years, although the recommended usage time is one year.


In this eBook we list foods which are best for dehydration, preparation and drying times for fruits and vegetables, and include some basic dehydration recipes for beef jerky and fruit & vegetable leathers.

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