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Brain Plasticity: Rethinking How the Brain Works

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Brain plasticity is the capacity to change the brain through learning. Have you heard the adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, what science is discovering is that it’s simply not true.


We are born with billions of brain cells, many of which are interconnected through neural networks. It was once believed that when neural networks formed they remained “hardwired” or inflexible for the life of that person. Now, neuroscience is rethinking how they view the brain.


This short eBook will examine the types of changes the brain is capable of, such as reorganizing and reforming new connections, the growth of “grey matter” and what factors shape our brain–is it Nature or Nurture?


For better or worse our brain is constantly changing as we age, learn what you can do to make your brain work more efficiently.

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