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Atherosclerosis: Inelastic Arteries

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The term “atherosclerosis” means hardening of the arteries. When arteries are elastic, the way they were at the beginning of our life the heart sends blood into the arteries under low pressure. That low pressure was possible because the arteries were expandable, but as we age and consume the wrong foods those very same vessels become damaged with plaque and the arteries become inelastic, making the heart work harder, which is reflected in elevated blood pressure.


Unfortunately, a staggering 97% of Americans have a diet which, if pursued over a long term, will result in some form of heart disease! Some researchers claim that arterial damage begins while we are still in our mother’s womb, based on the diet of the parent. Fully one-third of the adult population is “over weight” and another one-third is “obese”, conditions that almost certainly will guarantee that arterial damage has occurred and will continue to occur.


In this eBook we will discuss the deleterious health effects of atherosclerosis and what you can do to minimize your risk for this insidious condition.

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