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Antibiotics: A Limited Resource

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We are becoming increasingly more vulnerable to the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, from antibiotics used in the food industry to “beef” up our animals, to people taking antibiotics for minor health issues. Doctors succumb to the pressure placed by ill patients, who mistakenly assume coughs and colds may be cured by the application of these drugs. And patients contribute to the problem by not completing a prescribed course of antibiotics.


By overusing antibiotics we are in peril of creating a super-bug, capable of surviving in an antibiotic rich environment. Antibiotics are now less effective against serious diseases and infections. To make matters worse, drug makers have almost abandoned antibiotic research and development in favor of drugs that produce a higher profit margin.


This eBook will examine those issues, and touch upon the history of antibiotics and how the FDA has contributed to the antibiotic drug resistance problem.

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