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Short on Time Ebooks are written for people “short-on-time,” but who desire to stay informed— subjects range from weight-loss, diet trends, health issues, healthy living, diseases and a wide-range of other topics.

These short eBooks are written in a concise and to the point manner. Each eBook varies in length, taking the reader anywhere from 15 - 60 minutes to to read, with many offering solutions or remedies when possible.

Author Info

C.D. Shelton has been a Professor of Biology for over 4 decades. His love of teaching and passion for subjects such as plant life and health related topics, has inspired many of his college students to careers in Medicine, Marine Biology, Biological teaching, just to name a few. Today, aside from his college teaching duties, C.D. Shelton continues to do what he does best. That is to inspire, educate and bring awareness to students and interested readers, mostly on health related issues that he has extensively researched. He uses his passion for writing and his love of biology, to write for “Short on Time Ebooks”.